Help your team and clients get better results with more fun.

In this training, you learn, but most importantly, practice the different aspects of facilitation. You know how to format adequate exercises and how the various activities are linked to objectives. You'll get more confidence through practice and leave with tips, techniques, and insights that will make your next workshop child's play.

As a facilitator, you design and lead group exercises. You enable and support a team (or client) to make tough decisions. Help them solve big problems. Or work on long-term goals or develop the vision and roadmap of a product, service, or feature.

Getting to better results faster is done in teams. But despite best efforts and team enthusiasm, these outstanding results don't just simply happen by accident.

Who will benefit from this training?

UX Designers, Digital strategists, Scrum masters, Project managers, Product owners, Design and Dev leads,…

Basically, anybody who has to


Designing your workshop

Wednesday 22 March (9h - 17h)

  • What are workshops, and why do they work
  • Structure of exercises
  • Foundational exercises
  • How to assemble your own workshop
  • The 5 steps of organising workshops

Leading your workshop

Thursday 23 March (9h - 17h)

  • Facilitation techniques
  • Managing difficult behaviours
  • Working around conflict in a workshop
  • How to keep group energy high
  • Taking a leadership role

This course is given in Dutch.

Starter kit

While you will learn a lot, you can't learn everything in two days.
To help you get started as a facilitator you'll receive my starter kit.

The Start kit includes:


This is a fantastically immersive, workshop-style course. Workshop facilitation is mainly a soft skill (or, as I prefer) human skill. So practising and experience will trump theory. You will be "lead by example" in several learning workshop activities as facilitators and participants. This allows attendees to leave with applicable knowledge of how to design and facilitate workshops at their organizations.


Nicolas Van der Wee

By actively practising and learning about the different soft skills, I can now better leverage these in meetings and workshops. Thanks to Jeroen's guidelines and examples, I've also noticed more confidence in dealing with different personalities.

Annelies Van Wallendael

I have become more conscious of my part as a facilitator for my role as a scrum master. I now practice different techniques during retrospectives, like fully listening and engaging to get to the bottom of feedback and better understand team members.

Geert De Laet

Jeroen's training is loose but professional. Our team had fun while getting trained. As a result, our people are now comfortable organising and guiding workshops with clients. Our team greatly benefited from the tips and insights Jeroen has provided.

Designing your workshop

Leading your workshop

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Practical information


The training will take place on the 22nd and 23rd March at De Winkelhaak.
Lange Winkelhaakstraat 26, 2060 Antwerpen.

The training will start at 9am and end at 17pm.
There will be plenty of breaks and a long lunch (+/- 1 hour)

Food & drinks

Vegetarian lunch, drinks and snacks are included.

Starter kit!

There will be a starter kit for all participants. Please register in time to receive your starter kit during the training days.

This course is given in Dutch.
English courses will follow soon.

Meet the trainer

I am a trainer and coach for creative professionals. As a genuine people person, I love to spark joy in my trainees and coachees to motivate them and keep them on course.
I enjoy giving fun and interactive workshops where I focus on the goals and abilities of the participants.

I've had a broad and long career as a UX designer, working in an agency, in-house, and freelancer for several big and small clients. For a few years, I has been focusing more and more on facilitating workshops and training/coaching UX Designers.


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23 March
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This course is given in Dutch.
English courses will follow soon.